Q: The game loads up and it is pure gray.
A: Try updating your video card drivers.

Q: The game loads up but Mike is a pure gray block and the bottom is pure gray while everything else is black.
A: You moved the executable out of the directory that you installed the game to. Either move it back or reinstall.

Q: The game is not recognizing some key presses on my keyboard.
A: Some keyboards may have keys that get ignored when three or more keys are pressed. You should remap your keyboard in game under Options -> Keyboard Config to something that your keyboard will work properly with or invest in an Anti-Ghosting keyboard or a controller.

Q: When will this game be finished?
A: I am working on it in my spare time and I have no idea when it will be finished.

Q: Is this an official game by Nintendo?
A: No. This is a fan game made entirely by me and I have no relationship with Nintendo at all.