StarTropics III is a fan game currently being developed in my spare time by myself ( gellin ). It has been in development since late September of 2005 and is fairly far along. It is being programmed in C# using OpenGL for the graphics and OpenAL for the audio. This game is not meant to be a 100% accurate to the orginal but very close in many aspects.

StarTropics III combines the best features of the original two games in order to provide a new experience that hopefully will be better than the first. Returning from the original is the classic moving and tile jumping gameplay and much of the music and graphics. The most notable thing borrowed from ST2 is the ability to walk and attack diagonal. You can check out the full list of features here.

StarTropics III comes bundled with it's own level editor as well. It allows you to create and play entire dungeons, overworld, and villages. You can also fully customize the dialog for each person in your villages. The level editor now allows you to combine everything in order to make your own custom ST game from scratch without any knowledge of programming.

This is a one man project so it may take a while to complete so I do not know when it will be done but it will be eventually. For now you can go to the downloads page in order to try it out.