Recent Updates
ST3 Update - Mike and Mica

Hey everyone! The telepathic link between Mike and Mica has grown increasing stronger since the events of ST2 have passed. Now Mike has the ability to summon Mica to the dungeons! While Mica does bring her physic shockwave and two space jumps to the game to help solve new and exciting puzzles, be careful when bringing her out as Mike is vulnerable while she is summoned. Any damage taken by Mica will decrease Mike's health as well!

Game Changes
- Mike and Mica in the same dungeon simultaneously!
- Improved performance so that your entire CPU core isn't taken up by the game.
- Fixed the infinite weapon bug that occurred when you died.

Level Editor Changes
- The MikeAndMica option is now available in the PlayerCharacter property of the Area Properties section.
- New ST2 enemies have been added complete with sfx. This includes the Jellyfish (white & orange), Mini Monster, and Spider (gray & green).
- Exposed the boss music so it can be played in cutscenes.
- Fixed crashes that would occur when attempting to do most actions in the Project panel when it was floating.

I had to make a brand new installer due to some software upgrades on my computer. Due to this, you will have to manually uninstall any ST3 versions you have before installing this version. Have fun!

New Fan Art

15 new pieces of Fan Art have been added today. Check them out!

ST2 Sections Updated

The StarTropics II Maps section is finally complete! I'd like to give a special thanks to Captain Drake for all of the work he did to help me out.

The ST2 Enemies section has had a big update as well. This section is now 100% accurate and contains every enemy and all color variations, complete with animated gifs of each enemy. All enemy stats (health and attack powers) are now available. Sadly, there are no descriptions yet...

Finally, the remainder of the ST2 Weapons have had their attack powers filled out.

ST3 Update

Good news everyone! It's time for another long awaited ST3 update. This update brings something completely new to the series.

Game Changes
- Mica is now a playable character in the game! I'd like to give a special thanks to shinigamihedgehog for creating the Mica sprites. In order to play as Mica, there is a new field in the Area Properties called PlayerCharacter. You can modify this field to choose between using Mike or Mica in the dungeons. There are a couple of distinguishing features that make Mica stand out from Mike. Her main weapon is the psychic shockwave which means that the standard, super, and ultra versions of the psychic shockwave have been fully implemented in the game. She also has the ability to always jump two spaces without the anklet.
- All weapons, enemies, items, tiles, etc that were previously lacking sound effects now have them. Everything in the game now has the sound effects that it should!
- Added some new sprites for the diagonal gun weapons.

Level Editor Changes
- Added a 'Close All But This' option to the context menu when right clicking a tab.
- All config files are now stored in the Documents\StarTropics III folder in order to avoid some of the Windows UAC annoyances.
- User dungeons are now loaded out of the Documents\StarTropics III\dungeons folder. Any custom dungeons that you have previously created should get moved into this folder.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed crash that could occur when transitioning to a room that had a water skull/bones tiles directly beneath an invisible tile.
- If a skull/bones piece is directly beneath an invsible tile, it will no longer turn pure black when the tile is triggered.
- Fixed a bug where the projectiles were dying too early in wide rooms.

Remember to visit the forums and let me know how you're enjoying the new features. Have a great time playing as Mica!

New Fan Content

Many new pieces of fan content have been added today. This includes the StarTropics commercial found in the Movies section as well as 34 midis and 10 mp3s found in the Music section.

The Fanfics section of the site has been replaced with the Literature section. You can find both StarTropics fanfics and poetry in there. All literature is stored as a PDF for your viewing convenience. Enjoy!

Redesigned Fan Content Sections & New Fan Art

The Fan Art, Movies, Music, and Scans sections of the site have been completely redesigned in order to give the site a much cleaner and usable interface. Each piece of content now displays the date that it was added to the site. As a side note, the wallpaper section of the site has been moved into the Fan Art section.

To celebrate this redesign, 55 new pieces of fan art have been added!

New Message Board

The C-Island Forum is now the official message board of! C-Island has been around for years and has an amazing community so stop on by and say hello.

Welcome to!

Hey everyone and welcome to (formerly Here you will find the everything you'll want to know about the NES classics StarTropics and StarTropics II: Zoda's Revenge. As a special treat, you can download a free copy of StarTropics III. It's more of a demo right now since it is somewhat actively being worked on by myself. The best part is that it comes bundled with a fully featured level editor so you can begin to create your own StarTropics game. Be sure to upload them to the site so they can be shared with others.

I pretty much copied the old site exactly as is for now in order to get things running. I expect to do a redesign eventually. Feel free to visit the forums and be sure to let me know if something on the site is broken. Thanks and enjoy the new!

Cutscene Editor & New Music!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but I assure you this one was worth the wait...

A new cutscene editor has been added to the level editor! This new feature allows you to create mini-cutscenes within the game such as talking to the chief or displaying the chapter intro.

Cutscene Editor Features
- 26 different images are provided to create your scenes with.
- 2 different chapter intro music selections to choose from and 9 different scene music selections to choose from.
- You can make cutscenes play by triggering them via the triggers panel when editing an overworld or village area. A new option on the dialogue tab allows you to have a cutscene play when you talk to a villager. When editing a cutscene, you'll want to look at the triggers tab. This will provide you with different options to do once your cutscene ends.

- I've rewritten how the game handles looping music. The music should sound seemless now instead of that 'pop' that was occurring on certain tracks when it started over. Also, you no longer have to enter the IntroMusic in the editor. There's just a single Music property that needs to be set now.
- 6 new music selections have been added for the village music.
- With the addition of the cutscene and village music, ALL music from ST1 is in the game now!

- A new Speech Type setting on the dialogue tab has been added. You can have the text be spoken like a human, a robot, a dolphin, or a parrot.
- Some sfx were only playing the right channel so it sounded bad with headphones on. This has been fixed.

I hope everyone enjoys the latest update. I'm one huge step closer to being able to finish the game. Enjoy!

Happy 20th Anniversary StarTropics!

StarTropics was first released in December of 1990. Happy 20th to the greatest game ever!